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Christ and the Church , ” The word of God is a two edged sword that uses the Holy Spirit to dwell in our hearts ” Ministry and the Houston Christ Church welcomes you to this place of worship and restoration of your life with God , all people are welcome no matter the denomination to which he belongs , our mission to provide tools for the salvation of his soul, travez establish a direct relationship with God and his palabra.En repaldara the Bible ( Hebrews 10: 25 ) we are not to forsake ” to meet . ” Christians, like flames of fire, they burn when they are together . Depart Christians and as separate coals will go alone. If you do not congregate with any church not wait to be invited to do so. Demonstrate initiative to call or visit a pastor of a nearby church where Christ is honored and His Word is preached . Start this week , and make plans to attend regularly.

Christ and the Church

Welcome to Christ and the Church Ministry

“Follow peace with all men, and holiness , without which no man shall see the Lord ”

Holiness is necessary for our spiritual lives.

God’s truth


Christ and the Church

From the desk of Pastor  – Ministry Christ and the Church :


It is a pleasure and a great taste that by this means , I can share my experiences, that over time God has allowed me to be working for this ministry and so we can demonstrate that there is no other way to bring us closer to God and who promised to take us to his presence through his son Jesus Christ .

ONLY GOD HOLINESS Christ and the Church
God is spirit , and no one knows and the one who knows what in essence is only his son Jesus Christ , who gives us to know God , creator of all mankind.
GOD is the creator of mankind, and from the first man called Adam and the first woman named Eva , exist as a creation of God Almighty .
When God make the first man says his word was the best thing God made that day , and it was good and we were blessed by him.
From there exists Holiness as God is holy and made ​​us in his image, in the image of God we were created and filled with Holiness went well , as is God . But that relationship full of holiness was lost when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit and there lost our spiritual relationship with God our heavenly father. And in our next lessons we will be studying everything that happened already happened and is happening and happen , if we do not achieve WITHOUT HOLINESS IS NO GOD WILL SEE .
My next words are thank God our creator and Mario who is our faithful partner and friend in Christ Jesus , we work with our ministry to God and to be selected which is responsible for the direction of current technology to anyone who reads us and see the internet be blessed , Mario helps us faithfully and my biggest wish is that God always bless you and may God multiply blessings for him and his family for everything you do in this ministry and now share with you reading and see us to learn more.And we invite you to also be part of this great ministry, wishing God bless you also forever.


Christ and the Church

Christ and the Church